DC - Alimtec, Our Chocolate derretedeira was developed to assist in the melting process. With electronic temperature controller and dual chamber with heating, thus avoiding waste, burning or overheating in production. It is made of stainless steel 304 in various sizes, of 25 kg a 100 kg. Easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning or exchange of products.
DC motor works with a rotary mixer and double wall, heated water bath, Adjustable temperature control easily and display, reaching the desired temperature.


Data sheet

Equipment have different versions from 30 kg a 100kg.

It can be used for other products as well such as butters generally.

Vessel with heating and temperature control to 100 Celsius.

Voltage is used to power single phase 220V

produced in stainless steel equipment 304.

Net weight 20 Kg.


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