Equipment developed to meet the need for increased production and standardization, shape suitable for all types of three dimensional shapes from semi-solid mass, blend of ground beef, cheese bread, brigadiers, fish, potatoes, vegan pasta, cookies etc. Previously dents and / or prepared for molding.

pneumatic drive where the operator only has the need to press two buttons (bi manual) to form the product without physical effort, Posting with device support and easy operation.



Data sheet

pneumatic operation.
Pneumatic connection 6mm - Compressor 6/8 bar. (Not included)
Linear plate format.
manual loading of the product.
Product reservoir with a capacity of 5,8 Mass liter.
Minimum thickness of plaque formation and maximum 08mm 25mm.
Ø10 diameter as the Ø140mm, having flexibility shapes and thicknesses.
Featured Manual, aided by accessory.
manual product supply.
produces 10 a 20 kg/h*.
Maximum production per minute 4 a 10 actuation.
Approximate weight of the machine 35 kg.
Measurements 33,4 (width) x 101,2 (height) x 76,6 (length) cm.
Ease of cleaning.
Constructed of stainless steel AISI 304.
*The equipment is manual production, depending also on the practical operator


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