We offer the highest quality in our products, easy operation and low cost, thus aiming to meet the expectations of your company, from standardization to the economy and the increase of its production.

D-A6 dispenser ideal for dosing in pots or molds, and can easily dose jelly, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, chocolate.

Dosadora One Shot Automatic was developed to meet the need of those who want to automate the production of chocolates trufados, a process that usually takes a long time.

Derretedeira Chocolate It was developed to assist in the melting process. With electronic temperature controller and dual chamber with heating, thus avoiding waste, burning or overheating in production.

Temperadeira for Chocolate was developed to melt and temper any type of chocolate ideal for small and medium producers, aiming to streamline your process.

We manufacture various types of Metering, great to reduce its workforce and increase your profits, between them:
Forming Burger
Forming Burger DF-UP
Forming Cheese Bread
Forming pasta
Semiautomatic forming

Tying sausage we have two versions of the manual and semi automatic, It was developed to meet the need for increased production and standardization, intended to tie fresh sausage and sausage and embedded, thereby obtaining standardized buds.