The chocolate temperer T-A12 was developed to melt and temper any type of chocolate ideal for small and medium producers, aiming to streamline your process. With new construction concepts that involve reduced energy consumption and a modern design.
With its continuous flow it becomes easier to temper your chocolate.

Advantages of the T-A12
Fast melting and tempering of chocolate.
Easy machine cleaning.
Pedal to control the flow of chocolate.
Vibrating table (Optional). Covering mat (Optional).
Thread with reversing system for removing chocolate from the machine.

Compact size.
Tempera 12 kg. chocolate in about 12 minutes.
Single-phase power supply 220 V / 60 Hz
Vibrating table (Optional).
Covering mat (Optional).

Data sheet

Required power: 1 Kw / h
Reservoir capacity: 12 kg.
Hourly production: 40 kg
Dimensions (mm): H. 1470, L. 648, P. 576 mm.
With vibrating table: L. 780 mm.


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